Review: Frozen Tide by Morgan Rhodes




There isn’t much I cant tell you If you haven’t read the other three books in the series. This is the fourth book in the Falling Kingdom’s series. Read the first three because they are amazing. Some advice though is when you reach the last chapter’s of the book, pause and make sure you are alone. So when you reach the last page you don’t hit anyone. Because I threw my book across the room, so prepare yourself physically and mentally for this book.



Before I get started with this review I would just like to say I enjoyed this book very much. It was well done, and on Goodreads I would give it a 4.50 rating. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen please put your hands together for Frozen Tides! It has just won the title of “Biggest Cliffhanger since the Ice age.” This is madness, who tells us that Nic’s main love interest ( I hope, AND COMPLETELY SHIP), Prince Ashur, is alive then ends a book? I need the next book, like now, someone is going to get hurt if I don’t get an arc. Because the pain is unbearable, my heart hurts too much without it. So lets take this from the beginning, this is the 4th book in the Falling Kingdoms series. The other 3 book are phenomenal and are amazing.

I just have a quick question, did anyone else completely ship Magneo from the beginning? I mean like from falling kingdoms, I could sense the ship. That was my ship from the beginning, and I just wanted to know if anyone else shipped it too. Leave your ships and comments below, in the comments box. So in the beginning we started off with King Gaius when he was 8 talking to his mom. It was sort of a surprise that he was scared of the dark. Though his mom being a witch, that was a surprise. And that last sentence in the prologue was creepy. “You are destined for greatness Gaius Damora. And I swear-no matter what I must do to ensure it-that greatness will be yours” I mean didn’t it sound like she was saying she would kill someone to ensure it? I GET your mom saying she would kill someone to ensure greatness for you, but when someone hears, or in our case read it, it sounds creepy and psychotic. So when Gaius takes off the Kraeshian Empire to make a deal with Emperor Cortas, he took Felix with him and that was sad. Let’s take a minute to talk about Felix. I loved Felis, and I felt Jonas needed someone like Felix, and then Feli634cbc41d71ea0823fa5dc460ab24714x left. So I wanted Felix and Jonas to make up and be a team again, and him going across the ocean really isn’t going to help much. So when he gets there, he and Amara have this realationship that’s only physical. Then when things start to get romantic she can’t handle it. Meanwhile, she kills her family to become Empress. But first, the Emperor makes the deal Gaiusgiphy offers but says you must marry my daughter. Which is revolting, He’s 43, and she’s  like 20, so it’s a major gross factor.  Then, guess which ship, I completely shipped,

THEN FREAKING SUNK LIKE THE TITANIC! That’s right Amarix was my ship, then it hit rock bottom. And I felt tears when it sunk, I felt literal tears.

Amira needed someone to blame for her family dying so she blamed Felix. Her grandmother told her love is weakness once, so that’s what she believed  and she had to get rid of her weakness. She had to get rid of Felix, which was sad. But at least she didn’t kill him. So meanwhile Magnus and Cleo head home to Limeros. I just knew MAGNEO would take place there, because there alone in a palace and there’s no one telling them what to do with their love life. So yeah, things do heat up between them. But it’s sort or a like, dis-like relationship at first. Then once they hear Gaius is coming back from his trip they panic. And when Cleo gives this speech to reject Gaius and accept Magnus because she believes in him. Something in Magnus realizes he loves her, well more than he did before. So when Gaius comes and overthrows everyone, they take Cleo. And Gaius’s reasons for taking her were shocking because who knew that he loved someone? And that person was not right for him, determine by his mother, and was taken away. He thanks her for it now but look who he’s become. That love lost set him down a dark path. So thinking that love is also a weakness he wants to destroy what love is between Cleo and Magnus. When Magnus and Cleo finally confess their love in the cabin I was jumping for joy. Because as you probably already know, that was my ship. I wasn’t exactly happy and exited when Gaius sort of died. Because we just learned that he has this nicer part of him that loved. Don’t you just hate it when you feel bad, or have sympathy for the antagonist, then they die? You don’t really rest well because you know it wasn’t their fault.  Like Johnathan from the mortal instruments, it’s not his fault. During this book, I had a deep hatred for Lucia, she was terrorizing people and felt guilty.Seriously.... Just stop it IF YOU FEEL GUILTY STOP DOING IT! I felt so frustrated with her not being able to see a clear path, during the garden attack Magus literally offered her help. But no, she keeps moving on with Kyan the fire God. Near the end Kyan and her have a falling out, and she defeats him in a battle and her blinders were taken off. At the end of the book she says she wants to make amends, which I hope she’ll help Magnus and Cleo. Near the middle of the book Lysandra died, leave how you felt down below because I myself had mixed feelings. I think was sort of a message to Jonas. I hated how he played Lysandra by asking Cleo for a kiss. And when Lysandra is about to die he refused that he doesn’t need Cleo he has Lysandra. But it’s too late, and I don’t think he’s going to get another love interest like Cleo did either. So with the kindred, Cleo has one, Amara has one, but only Cleo and Magnus know how to use it. But they need Lucias blood. At the end it is revealed that they see Prince Ashur watching them. That was a cliffhanger that I wish there was more too. However, I loved this book and can’t wait for the fifth.


Thanks for reading my review! Comment below if you have a thought on this book or if you have a different idea of the type of rating I gave it.


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