Review: Carter Reed by Tijan

Ending: 3/5

Plot: 3/5

Dialogue: 3/5

Would I recommend this book: Yes

Would I re-read this book: No

Would I read other novels by this Author: Yes

Overall Rating:                                  3/5           Image result for star rating images


I felt disappointed with this book, Tijan usually produces amazing books such as Fallen Crest High, and Jaded. But this one wasn’t as good. I gave this book a three star rating because I felt some things were a little forced in it. Let’s first start with Carter and Emma’s relationship. It was rushed, and at the begging their chemistry was pulled out of the sky. They exchanged I love you’s at like the 50 pg mark. I like their 18221931relationship from the middle to the end, I just don’t like how it was created. They say that they had loved each other since they were
kids. But we don’t get to see them as kids, where they actually meet. If we had chapters that flash back to when they were kids, I would have understood they’re actual relationship start when they became adults. I just felt at times at the beginning that the relationship was a little forced. And another topic that wasn’t explained enough was her family and her childhood. We didn’t get to see her childhood with her brother and how Carter occasionally slept on her couch. Or her bouncing from foster home to foster home, or her relationship with her parents before they died. And since Carter has ties to her past, her past was a vital part of this story that we needed, but we did not receive. Also, Carter’s personality, I don’t really understand it. He seems sort of bipolar. Sometimes he’s all grinning and happy, than he’s wearing black and is depressing. But overall, I liked the plot of the book. I enjoyed it despite these small things.



Thanks for reading my review! Comment below if you have a thought on this book or if you have a different idea of the type of rating I gave it.


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