Top Ten Tuesday – November 15th

                         Top Ten Movies


10. The Mortal Insruments: City of Bones

This movie was utterly terrible and a very big disappointment. But with my loyalty to Shadowhunters I just had to put it here. However, compared to the TV show this movie deserves an award. They nailed most of the characters, especially Jace. However, the TV show made Jace a nice, loving, and caring Shadowhunter which drove me nuts.

9. The Conjuring

I love watching scary movies, but I hate the after effect. When everyone has gone home for the night and your climbing in your bed about to go to sleep, and then you think about the movie. Then remember that one detail: that everything in the movie is real and that it’s a true story.

8. Independence Day

I really love this movie, its a classic. I saw the recent one, but this one is the best with Will Smith making his debut and doing a fantastic job.

7. Transformers

I have no words for this movie its awesomeness speaks for itself

6. Suicide Squad

This was a great action movie, my favorite character was, obviously, The Joker. There is so much controversy going around about how bad Jared Leto was as the Joker but to be honest where is all this hate coming from? He completely nailed the laugh and he had the great crazed personality. Overall, he was a great Joker, plus he was hot.

5. Camp Rock 2

I love the classic Disney movies, and I personally consider this a classic. The first one is trash but they made up for it with this one. In the movie for the ending, *spoiler alert* everyone (my friends) thought that Camp Rock obviously should have won. But to be honest Camp Star had the better songs and dance routines.

3. The Proposal

Ok, I have a thing for a good rom-com chick-flick, I’ve basically watched almost all of them created. This one is special though, it has Ryan Reynolds. And a rom-com with Ryan Reynolds? Yes. Please.

2. She’s The Man

This is the funniest movie I’ve ever watched. I love Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, and them together was a bonus.

1. The Duff

I love this movie. Love. It. I have not read the book but this movie is amazing. The music matches the feels, and the characters have amazing personalities. The entire high school stereotypes just relate so much, how could you not love it?

This is my very first Top Ten Tuesday, and to be honest it was fun. So if you liked reading it as much as I liked writing it like this post! Or even better if you like or have a thought on any one of the movies leave a comment!

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