A Court of Wings and Ruin: CrackPot Theories

Alrighty folks! A Court of Wings and Ruin by Miz Sarah J. Maas is coming out very soon and you know my feelings about that… FREAKING EXCITED yet very scared for reasons to be revealed. So here are my crackpot theories, predictions, and hopes for this new book.

C.P. Theory #1: Tamlin the Forgiving

For this theory, I really hope that Tamlin realizes that Feyre is just pretending to love him and that she really loves Rhysand. He regrets what he has done and forms an allegiance between the Night Court and the Spring Court and the keep up the rouse just for the King. Then they defeat him together!! Yay!! Right now, I’m internally sobbing because this probably wont happen… A girl can only dream so much…

C.P. Theory #2: Tamlin the Furious

I think this theory is going to be whats going to happen, or at least it has the biggest chance. Tamlin becomes very angry when he figures out what Feyre is doing. He looses his cool, declares war on the Night Court and goes to the King for further aide. Feyre escapes back to the Night Court and prepares for stuff to get real.

C.P. Theory #3: Tamlin the Insane

When Tamlin finds out what happens he keeps it a secret a while observing if it actually is true. Maybe one night he finds Feyre trying to communicate to the Night court and it breaks his heart but also unleashes his wild side. He physically fights with Feyre and locks her in his basement until she “loves” him again. Then there is this ultimate battle where Rhysand comes to save her and he kills (or so we think) Tamlin. And once again, Lucien is a dear in the headlights, eating popcorn and watching

C.P. Theory #4: Help me, i’ll help you

Lucien gets blackmailed by Feyre in order to help her take down the spring court and Tamlin finds out what they’ve been doing. Tamlin releases both of them from the Spring Court feeling sad and betrayed. Nesta and Elain go to the Night Court for refuge and Nesta develops some of he powers there, trains, and decides to become as strong as Feyre instead of cower. Nesta becomes fond of Cassian as she helps him get better at the night court and maybe even goes on a mission for some magical ingredient he needs to restore his wings again. (That would be a great novella.)

Thanks sooo much for reading my CrackPot Theories if you have any yourself comment below! If you don’t think any of this will happen, comment below!

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