Warcross by Marie Lu Review

I’m done, I’m completely done, they’ve ruined me…BUT we will get to that later. For now if you don’t know what this book is or who this author is, you have been living under a rock and it’s time to come out. Marie Lu the Author of Legend and the Young Elites recently came out with a book called Warcross that might make the list of my favorite books. Ok, I cannot possibly stall any longer. If you have not read this book GO, because we are about to get into spoilers.

Plot: 4/5

Dialogue: 3.5/5

Ending: 4/5

Would I re-read this book: Yes

Would I read other novels by this Author: Yes

Would I recommend this book: Yes

Overall Rating:                                    4.3/5   





Ladies and Gentleman may I please introduce you to Maven Calo- oh sorry excuse me, Hideo Tanaka. Basically same person anyway, you know, because they both made us love them then we found out that they aren’t the perfect little boy that we thought they were and instead that they are actually mentally f*cked up. Now, Marie Lu has messed me up, Image result for warcrosswhen I went to Book-con and got the three chapter sample of this book and read it I was ecstatic to read this book and meet Hideo because he just seemed so awesome. I shipped him and Emika so hard and when he gave the first sign of his interest I might have had an aneurysm. They were so perfect, she was a nobody who was at the bottom of a well wondering if she would ever climb out and he was the supposed knight in shining armor who threw her a rope and pulled her out. Well, I guess he’s not a knight in shining armor, since he is trying to take over people’s brains and rid them of any bad thoughts and actions. Hideo honestly needs to take a vacation, or go somewhere where he can finally cope with his brother’s “absence.” Haha, or not-so-absence, was it just me that when I found out that when his brother was kidnapped and not killed that Zero just had to be his brother? That connection just clicked for me because who else would be smart enough to hack this system except his cleverer brother, and of course Emika. If you really think about it, if his brother wasn’t Zero then what would be the purpose Sasuke in the story?

Cal Calo- oh sorry, I meant Sasuke Tanaka is totally going to be another love interest and I can totally see that Mare- why does that keep happening? I mean Emika being one of the conflicts the brothers will eventually fight over. On the topic of brothers, another mysterious relationship is Asher’s brother. There must be some love there because when Asher was going to the airport his brother carried his bags instead of Asher’s bodyguards carrying them. What if Asher’s brother was the one who got him paralyzed? We’ll have to see…

One thing I loved about this book was the freaking magical diversity. Hideo and his brother are Japanese, Asher is in a wheelchair (a freaking awesome one too), Hammie is black or mixed, Tremaine and Roshan both have a male preference and let’s just say they are TOTALLY going to end up together in the end because lets honest people, the foreplay going on is unreal.

This book shook me because we had a Maven at the end, and we all know one Maven was enough. This book is most definitely going to become a movie or TV show which I predict right now it will be. I don’t know how this duology is going to end, but what I do know is that I will be doing a crackpot theory post on the second book so stay tuned for that!

If you liked this post or even if you didn’t still like it! If you have any thoughts on this book or any thoughts on my thoughts on this book comment down below! Thanks for reading!


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