Top 5/5 Review: Wait for You by Jennifer Armentrout

Ahhhh, this book was so…

swoon-worthy! I don’t think I’ve every found a book boyfriend this perfect before. So with that said, let’s jump into it!

Top 5 Likes

1. It was hilarious how everyone kept talking about walking Raphael when he is just a TORTOISE.

2. Oddly enough, I like how she cut Cam off after he saw her scar. If you put yourself in her shoes and really think about it, it would totally be something anyone would do. It wasn’t an exaggerated moment and it was a pure panicking moment and anyone could react like that.

3. I liked how he got mad at her and kinda wasn’t feeling it when she came back onto him after cutting him off. I know I know, I like the weirdest things. But honestly, most books have the guys embrace the girl with open arms and I like that he didn’t. Cam. Just Cam. He’s actually perfect.

4. I absolutely loved Avery and Cam’s banter! Great chemistry shone through the words and even when they were on bad terms, halfway through they would just fall back into their regular witty banter.

5. Cam. Just Cam. He’s perfect.

Top 5 Dislikes

1. I didn’t like how we didn’t a little more of the stuff going on at campus, most of the time I didn’t even remember they were in college. They should have shown a little more, they had the whole “meeting in stairwell, same class” thing going in the beginning but it eventually fell out.

2. It was a little more than annoying how we didn’t get to see Molly’s resolution, we saw Avery get a phone call from her but we didn’t get any true heart to heart moment between them and I felt like that moment would have take the book from good, to great.

3.  It bothered me how we didn’t hear Steph speak once. I was waiting for her confrontation with Avery and it never happened.

4.  I hated how anytime anyone said anything relatively romantic, the others person’s IQ would drop by 90% and just start asking questions. Example:

“I love you.”

“You love me?”

How do you even answer that question? And anytime Cam said anything about her being pretty or smart she’d always say, “Why?” That pissed me off.

5. It made no sense how we had absolutely no resolution from the parents, when her dad finally caved and we thought we were going to experience an amazing moment of sentimentality the chapter cuts off. I was flipping pages looking for the rest but ended up empty handed. And not only that, Molly was a lost case too, she literally walked in there the way she walked out, completely numb.


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