The Death Cure Trailer Reaction

The long-waited for, the long-anticipated…

Death Cure Trailer Has officially come out! I barely remember anything about these books because they were so damn confusing, but what I do remember was loving them. So I just couldn’t help picking apart the trailer.

A little before the train scene in the trailer they show Minho with this really sad hopeless face that kind of broke me inside. However, speaking of the train scene it looks so cool, I absolutely cannot wait for it.

OMG, I love the Teresa and Thomas confliction where he is yelling at her towards the end. Someone please kill her off already, I cannot stand her. Did anyone else notice that in all the other movies she’s always been so deathly calm in any situation and I mean any situation,┬áthat’s quite fishy….

Ahhhhh, I love the Chancellor she is freaking awesome. The part where she says, “Thomas, you can save your friends, or you can save us all,” gives me chills. It’s kind of sad everyone hates the Chancellor, if you haven’t read the books, you’re in for a surprise in this movie.

Overall, I liked it. The pent up tension from the beginning with Thomas running in the Maze to the end with him holding a gun to the Chancellor with his hand shaking as well as the gun, gave me major feels. I just hope the movie does the book justice, but telling from the other books, it definitely will.

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