Shadowhunter Season 2 Finale

Who was that at the end? Was that Jocelyn? Was that a greater demon? I mean, what the, how the-


Ok, I hated, hated, Sebastian in the book, honestly death to book Sebastian. However, Show Sebastian is my baby, and I now hate everyone who has laid a finger on him. Now, let me explain why.

In the show, they always show Sebastian as this poor soul who is just longing for a family or any sense of love. In the show, two particular scenes convinced me to love him; the first was when he was yelling at valentine that Clary is his sister and that she will love him for who he is. That moment was so powerful because Sebastian was near tears and seemed so desperate in that moment.

The second moment was when Sebastian and Valentine were in the park and before the actual scene started, they showed us Sebastian staring longingly at a father and son playing in the sand. This really puts things into perspective, and makes you question if the antagonist should be a boy who has had everything taken away from him and just wants love and a family. 

It truly is terrible when they give the antagonist a back-story and how they became the mean, brutal and cruel person they are in the novel. Usually the factors that made them that person are gruesome horrible things that makes us sympathize with them and not actually love them. They did the same thing with Levana and my conscience has not been clear ever since, because they killed her at the end.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN LETS CLAP IT UP FOR DOMINIC SHERWOOD, he finally got his crap together with Jace! Around episode 7 he finally became “Jace” and that happened with a scene with Simon that was so funny and so Jace, it was great.

I do not know why but the actress who plays Katherine McNamara, her acting just does not seem genuine whatsoever. I cannot watch her act without cringing, but she does have her moments. It’s a 50/50 with her.

Will Tudor has become my life, the way he plays Sebastian is purely magnificent. When he kisses Clary it’s so obvious he’s so overwhelmed in that moment that he doesn’t know how to express himself without kissing Clary. He plays Sebastian with his perception of the character but remains true to the book Sebastian that we can see shining through. It’s a job well done on Will Tudor’s part. Nevertheless, I cannot take that burnt suit seriously, he looks like lasagna, and just doesn’t fit, they could have just left him looking like Sebastian.

Harry Shum Jr. had it, he had the Magnus persona but he lost it in the second season. He just seems too emotional at times and less Magnus Fabulous but I am not that worried because he had it before he can definitely get it again.

Let’s talk about that ending, what? Who? I just can’t wrap my mind around it. I do not think it’s Jocelyn who walks up to Sebastian, maybe someone from Eden? I don’t know. We will have to find out in season three.

Overall Rating: 89%

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