Without Merit by Colleen Hoover Review

Without Merit by Colleen Hoover was quite a novel, to summarize they threw a bunch of irrelevant topics at us in an attempt to make them relevant and actually terribly failed at it.

However, there were some good sides to this novel, but let’s start out with the things that went wrong.

  1. There was no resolution with Sagan’s family. We understand, we get it, you wanted to bring up refugee awareness now give us the story that we want. This is a romance story, and since you’re going for like a “messed up”  vibe, you could’ve made the resolution with the family that they all died or if you wanted to make it the one happy moment in the novel, you could have made them all survive and come to the U.S. but come on, some resolution. They mentioned Sagan’s family once in the novel and then never again.
  2. Colleen Hoover dealt with the depression theme so terribly. During the Novel, Merit did a checklist if she had depression; she evidently checked everything “yes” and was like ok I have depression. But then that was it, we didn’t get an epilogue of how she got better, we didn’t even see her go to therapy, we heard of her getting family therapy but we didn’t see any actions which was a main concept that just wasn’t there in this novel.
  3. The words that comes out of this character Sagan’s mouth is unbelievable. He literally calls her an asshole, sometimes ignores her, and says some quite rude things. What bothered me the most is how some days he would tell her, “You weren’t very likeable today” and that’s messed up! Please, don’t get me started how that could cause her to go even further into depression! I didn’t like that at all and a lot of other people did not either.
  4. The Mom did not get any better, she did not move, we got no progression from this woman, COME ON I MEAN SERIOUSLY. We saw her father go on a rant about her Mother’s problems but we didn’t fix it or at least progress! If nothing good happened in this novel, it would have been fine, but there was no improvement whatsoever in it, no progression, and that upset me. The novel stayed at a below climax point and never moved.
  5. This novel described all of its problems and never fixed them. This novel just abruptly stopped and was not a “story.” The potential was there but just executed poorly. I literally turned the page, saw the words, “THE END” and said, “What?”

Things I like. Oof, I am going to have to think hard for that.

  1. I liked the suicide attempt scene, I felt like Hoover made that a good peak in the novel due to there not being that many peaks or progression that one big scene was a great one where everyone at one point was united by the attempt and then fell apart because of the letter.
  2. I loved the artwork added into the novel, It was cute how he drew them for her than kept slipping it under her door, that was cute.
  3. IT WAS SO FUNNY, how during any serious topic at the dinner table Sagan would just cut in and say something random. Like if they were talking about how bitchy Merit has been, he would cut in and say something along the lines of, “Do you guys smell parsley?”
  4. I loved the reconnection of all the siblings and how they all were friendly again at the end. With all of the scenes where each sibling reconnects, at least we got closure there.
  5. Luck. Luck was such an irrelevant unnecessary character who never actually revealed his backstory or why he was there, but added so much life to the novel that it was ok.

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