Mini Surprise Book Haul

There are always those stores that have literally everything you need. Like Target, Costco, or Walmart, I recently bought some books from Walmart. And then I completely forgot about them. They weren’t even in the back of my brain, they weren’t even in my brain. Until Continue reading


Summer Book Haul


Summer is the best time to get new books. I’ve got a huge summer Book Haul with 14 books and I got them all from BookOutlet which is basically my favorite online book store. Every book is super affordable and cheap, I’m talking about 1-6 dollar hardcover books. We all know a hardcover book is at least twenty dollars. However, Barnes and Noble still holds #1 for me only because it holds all the books that you want, if not in store, than definitely online. BookOutlet doesn’t have all the popular YA books but it has some. OK, so, without further to do, I present The Summer Book Haul!

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