Series to TV shows and Movies Updates…

Hey guys, I’m back! So recently, I found a bunch of my favorite books are going to become movies and television shows…and omg I can’t breathe! I’m so pumped! So of course, once I found out I just had to tell you guys and give you the complete rundown.

1. The Red Queen Movie

This movie’s rights has been sold to Universal Pictures and they already have a director! You may know her by the name of Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games Movies. That’s right! You guessed it! Elizabeth Banks is going to be directing the movie and we know it is legit because there was an interview with her in the back of Kings Cage (the third book in the Red Queen Series)about it. And if you’re going of off her recently directed movies like Pitch Perfect 1 & 2, I believe she will do a great job with this soon-to-be movie. High hopes!

2. The Queens of Shadows TV Show

Ahhhhhhh! My excitement for this cannot even be contained. Hulu has bought the rights for this movie and will be adapting it as a studio project. Plus, the Pilot has already been written and is titled “Celaena.” It is rumored to be Hulu’s Game of Thrones! I really hope they don’t screw this up…

3. A Court of Thorns and Roses

Sarah J. recently tweeted out that there was going to be a production of this series she had sold the rights to a studio and they are putting together a team. I can’t wait for the casting for this production!

4. The Selection Movie

So this isn’t big news, but news all the same. Warner bros bought the film rights in 2015 and they have the director from Me before You, Katie Love. I honestly feel this would be so good as a movie if it is done right, because now a days where can a girl find TV royal romance like this? Am I right? Any day now, they are just going to slap us with a trailer because they have been working on the production for two years and a script should be developed by now. However, no recent news has been released so I’m hoping they are continuing with the project.

5. The Illuminae Movie

This is going to be produced by Brad Pitt, and when Brad Pitt produces a movie, you know he’s bringing the action. And in the case that’s great! This movie will definitely be something that’s going to be a hit in theaters!


So that’s all for today, if your have any thoughts, feels, and/or opinions comment below. If you think I should do more like these and keep you updated, comment below. If you’re wondering about a book of yours and whether its going to become a movie, comment below and I will totally check that out for you. However, don’t forget to like and subscribe!


Thanks for reading!


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One thought on “Series to TV shows and Movies Updates…

  1. Shoto says:

    I’m so excited for Queen of Shadows! I didn’t know ACOTAR and The Selection were being adapted but they’re both great stories so I hope they don’t get messed up. :/ Need to finally read Illuminae before the adaptation is out xD


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